Fenton, MI Auto And Train Collision, Jan 1952


Fenton, Mich., Jan. 14 (INS) - All seven occupants of a car which raced a train to a crossing near Fenton, Mich., were dead today.
The locomotive smashed the automobile broadside, dragging it 120 feet down the tracks and scattered the seven bodies along the right of way. The accident occurred Sunday.
The engineer of the train, en-route from Detroit to Durand, Mich., said he saw the car speed up as it approached the crossing. His story was verified by a witness who stopped to allow the train to pass.
The dead are:
LEROY BEXELL, 23, and his wife, SHEILA, 21, of Fenton;
FRANK REITANO, 29, and his wife, DONNA, 21, of Fenton;
KENNETH J. TIPPLER, 26, of Fenton;
WILLIE CHAPMAN, 24, and his wife, NANCY, 16, of Flint, Mich. The Reitanos are survived by three small children.
Bexell was the owner of the car but state police were not able to determine who was driving.

The Courier-Gazette McKinney Texas 1952-01-14