Garden City, MI House Fire, Oct 1972

Garden City Fire Department was called to 30516 Bock Street at 530 PM Tuesday October 31 1972 on a report of a house fire.
Carol McCubbery age 20 of Dearborn Heights arrived at the address to visit here sister on Halloween night. McCubbery arrived to find here sisters Maureen Mason house on fire.,McCubbery screams brought a neighbor an off duty Garden City Police Officer Paul Kiselica to the fire, Kisclica attempted to enter the dwelling to rescue the trapped family only to be driven by the force of the fire. The Mason Family was on the second floor of the home when the fire broke out. Gary Mason 23 broke out a second floor window in an attempt to throw his daughter Kimberly age 3 and Heather age 1 out the window and escape with his wife Maureen age 22 by the window. When Mason broke out the window a woman opened the front door and the blast of fresh oxygen fueled the fire, the heated gasses of the fire took the lives of the four family members. Garden City Fire Fighters arrived to report a Condition Red with flames coming out every window the house fire fighters rescue attempts were too late to save the family. Fire Chief Rowe stated the fire was caused by a candle in a pumpkin in the front window of the house, which set the drapes on fire. The fire was contained to the first floor of the dwelling, the super heated gases of the fire took the lives of the family.