Ann Arbor, MI Jumped from Moving Train, Dec 1914


Student Makes Jump and Strikes Head On Rail.

Frank S. Towsley, a student who resides at 1309 Wilmot street, and who hails from Midland, Mich, was severely injured yesterday afternoon when he jumped from the M. C. train at leaves here for the west at 2:30.

Mr. Towsley was at the depot selling Gargoyles, a student publication, to the students who were leaving for their homes to spend the Christmas holidays. He was in the train disposing of the copies when the train started, and before he could get to the rear of the coach the train had a good start. However this did not prevent Towsley from jumping from the train as it neared the curve at the Economy paper baler factory. The train was going at the rate of 25 miles and hour, and the student fell striking his head on a rail. The accident was witnessed by a number of section hands, who took the injured man into the Economy paper baler factory and there his wound was bound up, and George Langford head of the company took him in his auto to the health service rooms where he was cared for. This morning he was reported getting along finely although rather stiff and sore.

Ann Arbor News, Ann Arbor, MI 19 Dec 1914