Ann Arbor, MI Train Wreck, Sept 1887

Two Freights Collide.

ANN ARBOR, Sept. 7.--This morning a freight train going west on the Central drawn by engine No. 219, crashed into the rear end of a freight train standing on the main track about twenty rods east of the depot. The engine, tender and four freight cars and caboose were badly wrecked. The fault apparently lies with the conductor of the train that was struck, as he neglected to have the semaphore raised. The train coming around a curve, Engineer Winans, of 219, did not see the other until within three car lengths. He had just time to reverse and jump. Not a single train man of the head train was at the rear. The damage is from $3,500 to $4,500, and traffic was interrupted three hours.

Saginaw News, Saginaw, MI 8 Sept 1887