East Cambridge, MA Tree Cutting Accident, Jun 1900


Cambridge Man Meets With a Serious Accident—Hard Work to Extricate Him.

John Burns suffered severe injuries yesterday in East Cambridge. He was in a tree between the Registry of Deeds and the Court House at the corner of Third and Otis Streets. The tree is being cut down, and it was on this work that he was engaged.

A portion of a limb had been sawed off, when it fell and catching Mr. Burns in a crotch of the tree pinned him there. He was so tightly wedged in that it was almost impossible to extricate him. a squad of firemen from Ladder 2’s house, a few blocks below, were sent over under the charge of Lieut. James M. Casey.

After an hour’s hard labor succeeded in getting the man from his position. The ambulance was sent fro and removed him to the Massachusetts General Hospital. As far as known, Burns’s injuries are a dislocated shoulder, bruises to an arm and leg and probable internal injuries.

Boston Journal, Boston, MA 29 Jun 1900