Fitchburg, MA Boiler and Engine House Fire, Jan 1893

Fire caught on W. A. Garno's boiler and engine house, probably from the furnace, about 9 p. m., Saturday, and an alarm was rung in from Box 37, to which Hose 4 responded so promptly that the damage was confined to burning off the roof of the engine house, a temporary structure, burning the main belt and a smaller belt and ruining one circular saw. Loss about $50; no insurance.

Chief Engineer Kendall has received a note from William A. Garno, extending thanks to the firemen for their service in saving his property at the fire, Saturday night, and also enclosing [sic] a check for $10, which chief Kendall turns over to the Firemen's Relief association.

The Fitchburg Sentinel, Fitchburg, MA 6 Jan 1893