New Bedford, MA Fire, Jan 1928


General Alarm Sounded at Early Morning Blaze--Commercial House Razed

New Bedford, Jan. 29--(AP)--A general alarm at 2:30 this morning called the apparatus to the Commercial house at the corner of Union and Second streets to a fire which started back of the Homebakery on he Second-street side under the hotel, swept through the hotel causing a total loss, and then swept down Union street and destroyed the wholesale produce building owned by William Karalekas & Co. and the building owned by the S. C. Lowe Supply company at the corner of Union and Johnnycake hill. The loss on the buildings and to tenants will reach $371,000.

Roger T. Fay owned the Commercial house and contents valued at $200,000. They were only partly insured. The loss on the Lowe building is $90,000 to building and contents, while Mr. Karalekas places his loss at $37,000 with only $2500 insurance. Under the Commercial house the tenants were: Universal press, loss $9000; Antone Costa, restaurant, loss $500; Theodore Schwarts, novelties, $5000; Central Home bakery, loss $10,000; Marder Brothers, wholesale produce, loss $4000; Dana M. Gillingham, cotton broker in the Karalekas building, loss $1000. A garage in rear partly destroyed with $15,000 loss to the New England Telephone company.

Springfield Republican, Springfield, MA 30 Jan 1928