Cumberland, MD Landslide, Mar 1890


CUMBERLAND, Md., March 14.---This morning between 7 and 8 o'clock, a huge rock rolled down the mountain side and fell upon the West Virginal Central Railroad track in a cut between Choffee and Blaine, forty miles west of this city. The work train, with a crew of twelve men, was dispatched to the spot to remove the obstruction and clear the track. A large cable was placed around the rock and attached to the engine, so the rock could be dragged from the cut. All was nearly ready and the men were making a final adjustment of the rope, when a great mass of earth came rushing down on them from the steep mountain side, and buried some of the men from sight. Their horrified companions rushed to their rescue, and as speedily as possible exhumed them. Two were dead when taken out, and one has since died, and four others were seriously if not fatally injured. The names are as follows:


James O. Lambert, a resident of Choffee, W. Va., who leaves a wife and family.

Josephinna Machinna, an unmarried Italian, who had been in this country three years.

Vernate Valleo, has a wife and family in Italy.


Van Read, resident of Choffee, married man with children;can not recover.

Merina Cea Albinni, Italian; left arm broken and ankle hurt.

Jackallini Cabanni and Josephinna Frangoli, injured about the head.

The slide which brought such awful results delayed trains several hours. The injured men were brought to this city on the noon train, and are under the care of Dr. F. M. Spear, the company's physician here.

The Sunday Inter Ocean, Chicago, IL 15 Mar 1890