Tivoli, MD Pier Collapse, Jul 1883

The Sufferers by the Tivoli Disaster - the ante-chamber in the mayor's office at the City Hall during Friday and Saturday at noon presented perhaps the saddist pictures of distress which have been seen within any building of this city.  Mr. John T. Ford, acting by request of the mayor, and aided by the clerk of the office, Mr. A. J. King, was visited by a large majority of the relatives of those who were drowned at Tivoli. Made conspicuous by the general sympathy for him was little Ryan, from whom in one fell swoop death took all of his family. He is a bright, pleasant-faced modest boy, about ten years of age, and the tears in his eyes as he thanked and shook hands with Mr. Ford indicated he fully felt his sorrow. To those who are caring for and protecting him a liberal donation was made, and other provision is intended for his future care and education as well as for his companion in grief, little Johnnie McAbeney.....

Mr. Pascal Serio, the Kutaw-street fruit dealer, who was so active in saving life in the Tivoli disaster, was ill last week from his exertions.

Miss Annie L. Martin writes to The Sun that she was rescued by Mr. Walter B. Hook, who also saved a number of others.

The Sun, Baltimore, MD 30 Jul 1883