Aberdeen, MD Bomb Explosion Accident, May 1921


Washington, May 31. - Two men were killed and 15 injured, four probably fatally, by the explosion of a bomb at the Aberdeen, Md., army proving grounds during preparations for airplane bombing experiments, according to official reports telephoned the war department tonight by Major W. A. Borden and Captain C. H. M. Roberts, special investigators sent to report and ascertain the cause of the explosion.
The dead are:
Privates A. A. SHERMER and E. H. GRILLENN, Fourteenth squadron, Air Service.
Captain J. E. HALL, Air service, of New Haven, Conn., it was said, is not expected to live. He was wounded severely about the eyes and face.
First Lieutenant C. G. ELLASON, Air Service, of Hagerstown, Md., the report said, was expected to recover. He received a deep would just above the right hip.
First Lieutenant L. R. REESE, Quartermaster Corps, of Gwynnbrook, Md., also was expected to recover. His thumb and fifth finger of the right hand had been removed.
Private SAMUEL WEINSTOCK, of the 34th Ordnance Company, suffered a punctured lung and was not expected to recover.
Privates L. S. HITE, of the 14th Squadron, Air Service; P. W. HALL, M. D. BLEZINE, of the same organization; C. J. O'NEILL, of the 34th Ordnance Company, and EDWARD JARRY, of the same organization, all were wounded and recovery was reported doubtful.
R. M. HERR, a civilian employed at the grounds, was said to be suffering from the shock of the explosion.
Privates S. P. MAACE, 47th Ordnance Company; L. J. TITLOW, of the 34th Ordnance Company and Private R. F. BOHLE, of the same organization, were less severely wounded.
Neither Borden nor Captain Roberts attempted in oral reports tonight to fix responsibility. They said they had been unable to ascertain the full facts, but would make a thorough investigation. They were ordered to Aberdeen by airplane upon receipt of first reports of the explosion.
According to other reports, however, a 50-pound bomb rolled from the airplane and was struck by the rudder as the plane swung around.

Bisbee Daily Review Arizona 1921-06-01