Baltimore, MD Terrific Explosion, Nov 1846



Beatty's powder mills situate on the Susquehanna Railroad, about 8 miles from Baltimore, were blown up on the morning of the 23d inst., with a terrific explosion. It was thought in the city to have been an earthquake at first, so severely did it rattle and shake the houses. Indeed, some glass was broken in windows in the city, whilst in a number of instances crockery and glassware tumbled from shelves and was broken. On repairing to the scene of disaster, the three large buildings (70 yards apart) belonging to the mill were scattered over the surrounding country to the distance of ten acres.
There were five men in the building at the time of the explosion, and they were blown into hundreds of fragments - legs, arms, heads, masses of flesh and bones were scattered in every direction, and the entrails of a man were found hanging in the limbs of a tree more than a hundred yards from the mill.
The quantity of powder in the establishment at the time of the explosion exceeded two tons; the houses for a mile and a half in the country round were more or less damaged; doors were forced open; windows broken, and men prostrated by its effects.
No idea can be formed as to the cause of the explosion, as all the witnesses were instantly killed. One of the workmen left the mill a few minutes before the accident, and the hands were at that time at work at their regular business.

Portage Sentinel Ravenna Ohio 1846-12-02