Pleasant Walk, MD Horse Accident, Sept 1895


Mr. J. W. Dutrow's Unfortunate Accident--Leg Broken.

On last Monday evening while Mr. Jacob Dutrow, an esteemed farmer, residing 2 miles west of Myersville, was returning from Pleasant Walk, where he had been to make some purchases at the store of his son, J. N. Dutrow, he met with an accident. When near the residence of Mr. Charles Shank, a rain came up, when he attempted to hurry up the horse he was riding, which stumbled and fell, throwing Mr. Dutrow over its head scattering his purchasing over the road. The horse then blundered forward and fell with its hip on Mr. Dutrow's let, breaking both of the bones below the knee at two different places.

Mr. Wm. H. Shank, who was in the vicinity of the accident, heard Mr. Dutrow's calls for help, and procured a wheelbarrow and removed him to the shelter of a shed of Mr. Chas. Shank. Capt. Jacob Kaogle then removed Mr. Dutrow to his home and Shank went to Boonsboro for Dr. S. S. Davis who adjusted the fracture.

From last reports Mr. Dutrow is doing as well as can be expected.

The News, Frederick, MD 21 Sept 1895