Winnipeg, MB Earthquake, May 1909


Tremor Believed to be an "Echo" from South America.

Winnipeg, Man., May 17.---When the earthquake shocks were felt here Saturday evening efforts were immediately put forth to ascertain the extent of the territory covered by the tremors and the amount of the damage inflicted.

Telegrams were sent out from Winnipeg to various places, and in some instances emissaries were dispatched from certain centers to inaccessible points.

Compilation of the reports received here Sunday reveal the fact that shocks varying in intensity were felt all through Canadian prairies west at about 10:20 o'clock central time Saturday evening, in most places rattling dishes, banging doors and shaking windows, while at several points people were driven in alarm out of doors.

At Wolseley the well of the of the electric light plant caved in just before the shock was felt and the town was plunged in darkness.

At Regina patients in the hospital were shaken out of bed and people rushed in terror from hotels and big buildings.

Other places report cracked plaster, but that appears to be the sum of the damage done.

The shock was very light in this city, but was distinctly felt at Selkirk on Lake Winnipeg and from there the disturbance was noted at scattered points for 1,000 miles went across the prairie.

Shocks appear to have been most severe in the heavy "Gumbo" country of Saskatchewan along the main line of the Canadian Pacific, but were felt as far north as Prince Albert.

It is the first time in known history that earthquake shocks have visited the Red river or Saskatchewan valleys and Professor Frank Allen, Ph. D. of Manitoba university, said last night that they might never recur.

Turtle Mountain Star, Rolla, ND 13 May 1909


Re:Winnipeg, MB Earthquake, May 1909

The earth quakes and the after maths that is the shocks and vibrations are the major source of casualty for a long we have to be prepared for it.