Winnepeg, MB Street Car Accident, Aug 1908


Deaf, Dumb and Mentally Erratic He Had Habit of Boarding Moving Trailers.

John Lechtzler, a twelve year old Hebrew boy, who resided with his parents at 222 Pacific avenue, died at the General hospital at nine o'clock last night as a result of being run over by a street car at the corner of Rupert and Main streets earlier in the evening. The boy was well known to most tof the street railway employees from his habit of boarding cars wherever opportunity presented, with the object of obtaining a short ride, and he had the reputation of taking great risks in climbing aboard cars which were in motion. He was also well known to many street car passengers, whom he approached with perfect freedom, and his manner was so peculiar as to attract instant attention. In the past he had been treated with extreme kindness by the street car men, who looked upon him as a harmless half-witted youth, and had been warned repeatedly against the danger of accident. He was both deaf and dumb. On Monday the lad tried on several occasions to swing aboard moving cars, and in one of his attempts was thrown beneath the running board at the side of an open car and miraculously escaped injury. It was in attempting a similar feat at 6:30 o'clock last evening that accident occurred which caused his death.

Spectators say that he was attempting to board the trailer of a Park line car, No. 88, going south, when he

Missed His Hold

and fell under the wheels, both of which passed over his body. When picked up he was still conscious, and was carried into Pulford's drug store, where Dr. McMunn was summoned to attend him. Afterwards he was conveyed in an ambulance to the General hospital, where it was found on examination that he had sustained a compound fracture of one arm and one leg, besides having one of the bones of his hand broken. He was also suffering from a severe shock.

The father of the boy is Moses Lechtzier, the proprietor of the Klondike bath house on Pacific avenue, and also a cigar stand at 483 Main street. Coroner Inglis was notified of the fatally and in all probability an inquest will be held.

Manitoba Morning Free Press, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 19 Aug 1908