Fort Frances, MB Saw Accident, Aug 1908


Clifford Murchle Probably Fatally Injured in Mill at Fort Frances.

Fort Frances, Aut., 28.---While working in the sawmill of the Fort Frances Lumber company last evening. Clifford Murchle, who was in charge of the dicker, in some manner fell forward onto the saw severing an arm from the body at the shoulder. Murchle, who was working on the night shift, lost so much blood before a doctor could be summoned, that his chances for recovery are very slight. He was brought down to the hospital at midnight, and three hours later, Dr. MacKenzie, assisted by Drs. Withrow and Briggs, of International Falls, amputated the arm.

Murchle is a young man 24 years of age, and is well liked by his fellow employees, who deeply regret his misfortune. his parents live at Grafton, N. D.

Manitoba Morning Free Press, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 29 Aug 1908