Winnipeg, MB Two Hotels Wiped Out By Fire, Mar 1954

Imperial Hotel Ablaze


Winnipeg, Man. (AP) -- Fire raced through two Winnipeg hotels Wednesday night collapsing both buildings into a heap of charred rubble and leaving a damage toll estimated at $150,000.
About 60 occupants of the two adjoining hotels left the building safely. Only casualty was EDWARD GRAY, 40, a fireman who was treated at a hospital after being overcome by smoke.
Destroyed were the Manitoba and Imperial hotels in the heart of downtown Winnipeg. Debris littered Main Street opposite the city hall where the front walls of the two three story buildings collapsed and fell onto the street.
Also destroyed were a cafe, barber shop, jewelry store and a fur shop on the ground floor of the Manitoba Hotel building.
About 40 roomers in the Manitoba and 20 in the Imperial were led out of the building by hotel workers and police.
Cause of the blaze was being investigated.

Austin Daily Herald Minnesota 1954-03-04