Winnipeg, MB Office Buildings Destroyed By Fire, June 1954

Fire at its Height The Fire's Devastation


Winnipeg, Man. (AP) -- Three large office buildings and a dozen business establishments were destroyed today by fire that spread in three directions under strong winds that hit 70 miles per hour in gusts.
Damage was estimated at possibly more than two million dollars.
Not until seven hours after fire broke out in the seven-story Time Building did firemen class the blaze as under control. One fireman was injured by falling glass. He was taken to a hospital.
From the Time Building on Portage Avenue the flames boiled in three directions, and spread momentarily to the big T. EATON Co., eight story department store, Winnipeg's biggest building. The flames were quickly checked.
A Time Building official said he believed the fire started behind an electric sign at the front of the structure.
Powerful wind whipped the flames across Hargrave Street, and spread to the DISMOOR office building, a three-story structure housing offices and business establishments, and then spread north to the HENRY Cleaners four-story office and business building.
Flames also jumped westward burning out a series of one-story stores including clothing and shoe establishments and a billiard hall and cafe. The Cleaners building housed Royal Winnipeg Ballet headquarters, a fur store and a restaurant.
The flames were fanned by a southeast gale that moved into Manitoba province from the Dakotas during the night. Heavy property damage was inflicted and communications disrupted.
Police described the fire as one of the worst in history of Winnipeg, Canada's fourth largest city with a population of 230,000.

The Braiinerd Daily Dispatch Minnesota 1954-06-08