Letellier, MB Truck And Auto Collision, July 1977


Letellier, Man. (CP) -- A Minnesota woman was killed and three others injured Monday when their car collided with a five-ton truck on Highway 75 near this community, 50 miles south of Winnipeg.
SUSAN ANNE POWELL, 26, Appleton, Minn., was killed in the crash. Her husband DUANE, 33, was reported in critical condition in Winnipeg's Health Sciences Centre.
Two passengers in the POWELL car, CHERYL ANNE GUSTAFSON, 21, Appleton, and LINDA GUSTAFSON, 28, Montivideo, Minn., were reported in satisfactory condition.
Police said the POWELLS were traveling south toward the U.S. border after visiting Winnipeg when the collision occurred shortly after noon.
The driver of the truck was not injured.

Daily Journal Fergus Falls Minnesota 1977-07-19