Rosa, MB Tornado Damage, July 1977


Rosa, Man. (AP) -- Two people died and two others were critically injured Monday night when a tornado ripped a farm house off its foundations near this southern Manitoba community.
Royal Canadian Mounted Police identified the dead as:
KATIE KLEIN, 58, his wife.
Their daughter JOANNE GRENIER, 22, and her 14-month-old daughter TARA were in critical condition today in St. Boniface General Hospital in Winnipeg.
The twister touched down about 8 p.m. CDT in an area several miles long and perhaps a mile wide about 60 miles south of Winnipeg. Weather officials said the winds could have reached a peak force of 200 miles an hour.
The tornado lifted the KLEINS' house and deposited it several hundred yards away.
There was extensive damage to other property in the area, including houses and farm buildings. The tornado killed livestock, felled trees and hydro poles, flattened crops, and peeled asphalt off Highway 59 near St. Malo and Rosa.
No other serious injuries were reported, and there was no early estimate of the amount of damage.

Daily Journal Fergus Falls Minnesota 1977-07-19


1977 Rosa Tornado

Yes three did die but Tara died in Hospital. Joanne Grenier is my aunty and was also pregnant with twins at the time but sadly she lost them too. She was also in another tornado a couple years later in Ste. Anne that she again survived.

Rosa Tornado 1977

My grandparents lived up the street at the time on the outskirts of Rosa, Manitocba. John and Mary Strumbiski were there names.. My grandmother confirmed to me that the family was named Klem in 1977. A very sad day in Rosa, Manitoba history.

1977 tornado in Rosa, Manitoba

The names of the deceased are spelled wrong. Their last names were "KLEM", and there ended up being 3 fatalities.