South Gardiner, ME Train Wreck, Sept 1905



Twenty Hurt in a Rear-End Collision on the Boston and Maine.

SOUTH GARDINER, Me., Sept. 2.---The Boston-Bar Harbor express on the Boston and Maine and Maine Central Railroads was wrecked at the Maine Central station here to-day and twenty passengers were injured. The train was in two sections. The first section was standing at the station when the second section crashed into it. The rear car of the stationary train was wrecked. Escaping steam from the locomotive caused many of the injuries. Those most seriously hurt were:

Clarence G. Ramsay, Portland, Me.;
M. D. Ricker, Cherryfield, Me.;
E. E. Maxwell, Somerville, N. Y., and
L. W. Murray and wife, New Bedford, Mass.

The accident, it is supposed, resulted from the failure of the engineer of the second section to observe the signals of the brakeman of the first section.

The second section struck the standing train at full speed. The locomotive forced its way through the rear coach of the first section and did not stop until it had reached the platform of the smoker. Parts of the engine were broken by the force of the collision and hot water and steam enveloped the wreck. Many persons sustained burns and scalds from contact with the engine and from the hot vapor which came from it.

The New York Times, New York, NY 3 Sept 1905