Bangor, ME Forest Fires, Sept 1889


County Roads Impossible on Account of the Heat---Blazes Elsewhere.

Bangor, Me., Sept. 13.----It has now been more than a month since a single drop of rain fell in this section. Yesterday Bangor, which is miles from the center of the vast belt of forest fires now raging, felt their effect severely. The city was enveloped in a dense, heavy cloud of smoke, which found its way into the houses and left its odor everywhere. East of this city the outlook has grown more discouraging, especially along the line of the Maine Central and New Brunswick Railways. The forests are burning for miles on each side of the track and brakemen seek the roads are impassable on account of the heat. The thriving cities of Frederiction and Moneton, N. B., are surrounded by flames, and the people are fighting bravely to save their property.

The Sunday Inter Ocean, Chicago, IL 14 Sept 1889