Eastport, ME Automobile Fire, Mar 1900


Special to The New York Times.

BANGOR, Me., March 6.---The private car of Lewis Morrison, the actor, was destroyed by fire this morning one mile east of Eastport Junction, while attached to the train on the Washington County road from Calais to Bangor. The cause of the fire is unknown, but is supposed to have been spontaneous combustion.

Mr. Morrison has been touring Canada with his production of "Frederick the Great," and had just returned to the United States. The car was occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Morrison, W. E. Denison, manager of the company, and two servants. All except the servants were asleep when the fire was discovered and the train stopped. Mr. and Mrs. Morrison and Mr. Denison escaped in their night clothes and suffered greatly from shock and the bitter cold.

Mrs. Morrison estimates her loss at $13,000, including $10,000 worth of diamonds, while Mr. Morrison lost $800 in cash and clothing, jewelry, and other personal effects worth $4,000. The other occupants of the car lost everything. There is no insurance on the articles lost in the fire.

The New York Times, New York, NY 7 Mar 1900


Automobile or train fire?

This does not appear to be an automobile fire. It appears to be a "train" car fire.