Mt. Katahdin, ME Private Plane Crash, Aug 1983


Mt. Katahdin, Maine -- A single-engine Canadian plane with three men aboard crashed into the backside of Mt. Katahdin, Maine's tallest mountain, Friday night during bad weather. The area where the plane crashed is only a few miles away from a ranger station, but the crash site was so densly forested it could not be reached on foot.
Rescuers in Baxter State Park were forced to wait for most of Saturday morning because fog and rain kept search helicopters on the ground.
The plane's pilot, DALE BROOKER, 23, was reported by rescuers to be the most seriously injured. Millinocket Regional Hospital officials did not reveal any details of his condition at the pilot's request.
His two passengers, BARRY WOODS and BEN BREITHAUPT, were both reported in good condition with abrasions and arm injuries.
The three left Sherbrooke, Quebec, and were headed to Frederickton, N.B., when they ran into difficulty. A park ranger reported hearing the sound of a plane flying low about 9:30 p.m. Friday.
Their rescue was aided by a new Soviet-French satellite that receives and relays signals from Emergency Locator Transmitters attached to planes, said Bernie Poulin, a helicopter pilot for the Bangor National Guard who participated in the rescue.
The plane crashed on relatively flat terrain bouncing off trees before finally coming to a stop, said Poulin.
Irvin Caverly, Baxter Park director said, "Considering the plane was totalled, there was no rhyme or reason as to why they are alive."

Biddeford Journal Maine 1983-08-08