Augusta, ME Beck Homestead Fire, Sept 1910


Beck Homestead on Belgrade Road Destroyed Thursday Morning.

The old homestead on the Belgrade road, which has belonged to the Beck family for the last 50 years, was completely destroyed by fire at an early hour Thursday morning. William F. Beck who, with an aged lady, Mrs. Trask, occupied the house, stated yesterday that he was awakened by a stifling smell of smoke at about 3:30, and upon investigating found the kitchen storeroom and shed enveloped in flames. Fred Garland, one of the rural mail carriers, who is now on vacation and was passing the house shortly before 4 o'clock on his way after a load of wood, is reported to have seen the fire and tried to arouse the inmates of the house by knocking at the different doors. Failing in this, he went to the house of Eugene Bennett nearby, to get his assistance. It was probably during this interval that Mr. Beck was awakened. Mr. Garland and Mr. Bennett assisted in getting Mrs. Trask cut out of the house and also helped Mr. Beck get the livestock from the barn.

As no fire apparatus was available the entire set of buildings was burned the only property saved being some poultry, one horse, one cow and the clothes worn by Mr. Beck at the time. The cause of the fire is unknown and while the buildings were partially insured, the entire loss will be about $3000.

Daily Kennebec Journal Augusta, ME 30 Sept 1910