Bangor, ME Jewelry and Music Store Fire, Jun 1871


Proprietors of the Store Arrested as the Incendiaries.


BANGOR, JUNE 23. The jewelry and music store of Lowell & Spencer, No. 14 Main street, was burned out a little after midnight last night. The stock was almost entirely destroyed or ruined.--- The stock of T. H. Coombs' millinery rooms adjoining was also very much damaged.----Two ladies who lived over Coombs' store were nearly suffocated by smoke before they could be got out. The store was owned by Mrs. Eliza B. Fowler and was damaged from $600 to $800; insured. The stocks of Lowell & Spencer and Coombs were insured. The amount of their loss not known. The fire was most probably incendiary and Lowell and Spencer have been committed to the lockup for examination on the charge of being the incendiaries.

Weekly Eastern Argus, Portland, ME 29 Jun 1871