Millbridge, ME Schooner MARGUERITE Wreck, Jun 1912


Crew of Marguerite Lost Food and Water by Gale.

Lashed to the deckhouse of the water-logged schooner Marguerite, without food or water for 24 hours, Capt. John W. Griffin, Jr., and his crew were given aid Friday afternoon by the crew of the schooner Victor and were yesterday towed to East Boston by the revenue cutter Gresham.

The Marguerite sailed from Millbridge, Me., last Tuesday with a cargo of lumber. When about 50 miles off Cape Cod Thursday noon, a sudden storm caught the schooner and despite the efforts of the crew, badly wrecked the schooner, washed of 25,000 feet of the deckload, swept away the provisions and the water barrels and filled the hold cabin with 10 feet of water.

The crew were forced to lash themselves to the deckhouse until the storm abated. Friday afternoon their distress signal was seen by the Victor and food and water was sent to the nearly famished mariners. As soon as the Victor could establish communication, he revenue cutter Gresham was notified and hastened to the rescue of the Marguerite.

Portsmouth Herald, Portsmouth, NH 17 Jun 1912