Old Orchard, ME Fire, Aug 1907 - Missing

Old Orchard, Me., Aug. 18.-In more than one locality of what remains habitable of this town today it was suggested that it might not be at all amiss if the State authorities be called up to conduct an official investigation of the cause which led to the destruction of famed Old Orchard and her hostelries.

There are people who believe that a firebug with a grudge against the town started the blaze, and this, coupled with the mysterious disappearance of two Wakefield girls, who have not been seen since the fire, causing many to form the opinion that they perished in the great conflagration of Thursday night, formed new features of developments here.

No trace whatsoever has been found of the two young Wakefield women, Miss Ellen Ferris and Miss Susie Johnson, who were working at the Seashore Hotel and who have not been seen since the fire, according to the police and others who were acquainted with them.

Word also came here that they had not returned to their homes in Wakefield, where they lived in the Greenwood district.

It is hardly thought possible that they perished in the flames, but something may be done here in an effort to definitely locate them. The Seashore Hotel, where they were employed, was the last to catch on fire, and everyone within had ample time to escape, according to the management.

However, there are some persons who think that the girls might have tried to save their effects and perished. The fire was so hot and the material of the hotel of such inflammable construction that hardly any timbers of it remain, as is the case with the other buildings destroyed. Further search for the girls will be made, as some of their relatives were here, but learned nothing regarding them.

Daily Kennebec Journal, Augusta, ME 19 Aug 1907