Bangor, ME Construction Accident, Dec 1890


One man killed and Several Injured Wednesday Morning

A fatal accident occurred yesterday morning at the ice house of the American Ice Company, and was the principal subject of inquiry yesterday on the street. A large addition is being built at the ice house, and a force of twenty-six men has been employed there. They were engaged yesterday morning in placing the trusses in position at the roof, and five of them were at work upon a staging, which was about forty-five feet from the ground. They were in the act of raising some large timbers to their places when the staging gave way on one end and the men and timbers fell to the ground below with a loud crash which was heard for some distance up and down river. The men had not the slightest warning of the giving way of the staging and were unable to save themselves by clinging to the building.

As soon as they saw what had happened the other workmen rushed to the assistance of those who had fallen and extricated them from the timbers and boards which had fallen upon and about them. It was found that JOSEPH HAMMOND of South Brewer had been instantly killed his skull having been crushed on by a piece of timber falling upon it His remains and the wounded men were taken to the boarding house nearby. The deceased leaves a widow and seven children to mourn his loss he is spoken of as an industrious and intelligent man and was well liked by all who knew him.

Thomas Vessar who lives on Front street in this city, received some severe internal injuries by a heavy piece of timber falling upon his abdomen It is thought he cannot recover from his injuries although there is a small chance for him Last night he recognized his wife and took some nourishment, but he is in a very critical condition. He has a wife and four children. He formerly resided at Great Works, but has lived here for some time.

Fred M. Felker of North Carmel had his arm broken near the elbow and received some severe bruises and a shaking up F A Kelly of Carmel had his knee cap broken and was badly bruised by his fall Patrick McNally who resides on York street, was severely cut about the face and was painfully bruised While the injuries of these men are painful enough it is a wonder that they came out alive. Several physicians attended the men and made them as comfortable as possible. No blame is attached to anybody connected with the company for the accident. It was thought that the staging was secure and it is supposed that a flaw in the board or timber caused the staging to give way.

Bangor Daily Whig and Courier, Bangor ME 11 Dec 1890