Jackman, ME Armstrong House Hotel Fire, May 1910


Jackman, Me., May 14.--Fred Gilliean of New Brunswick, a cook in lumbering camps, was burned to death, Henry Hayes of Greenville was badly burned and taken to Bangor Hospital, and Harry Landry, a hotel employe[sic], was slightly burned in the foot in a fire which early Friday burned the Armstrong House, the principal hotel here, and the Canadian Pacific railroad station. The property loss did not exceed $13,000.

Eighteen people were sleeping in the building when the fire broke out in the rear of the hotel, which was a three-story wooden building, containing 20 rooms. When they were awakened by the cries of fire, and found the smoke filling the rooms, they hurried out without stopping to dress.

A few of the men, most of the guests being lumbermen, jumped from the lower windows or climbed down a telephone pole which was close to the building, and all escaped in safety except Gilliean, who stayed asleep in his room. His body was recovered later.

Hayes was badly burned by running through the flames. He got bewildered while making his way out, and was the last to leave the building.

The railroad station and freight house, a single story wooden building eight rods from the hotel, caught fire from sparks and was burned, but not before the furnishings, books and freight had been saved.

The Kellogg office and lumber storehouse were in danger, but were saved by an iron covering. Had this property taken fire a number of the principal houses in this village would have been burned.

The hotel was owned by Mrs. Margaret J. Armstrong, and leased for three years by Edmund H. Henderson. The hotel loss was $10,000 partly insured.

Portsmouth Herald, Portsmouth, NH 14 May 1910