Augusta, ME Fire, Jul 1827

Destructive Fire--The Augusta Courier of the 2d inst. gives annexed account of a destructive fire in that place;

"This city was aroused from its peaceful slumbers this morning about 2 o'clock by the terrific cry of fire! The devouring element had made such progress, when first discovered, as to set human exertion at defiance. It commenced in that large wooden building on Broad street, known as the Globe Tavern, and extended East and West, consuming 17 houses. It reached Westwardly, to the next cross street, and Eastwardly, was stopped only by the large new brick building, lately erected by Mr. Bowdie. All the houses between these two points, from Broad street back to Ellis street, now lie in smoking ruins. The principal owners of the real estate destroyed, are Gen. W. W. Montgomery, and Mr. Angus Martin. All the merchants and shop-keepers suffered more or less; but we are informed, that the principal of both houses and goods were insured. The names of those, whose business was transacted in the destroyed buildings, as well as we can recollect, are Messrs. William Shannon, tenant of the Globe--T. Edwards and A. Bryan, in the basement story--Crebu, silversmith--McDermot, confectioner--Hously, saddler--Gilbert, shoemaker--Thayer & Williams--Mrs. Anne Fox--Kibbe & Co. clothiers--Shepherd & Chichester, do.--Wm. Harris, crockery store--Dortic & Co. confectioners--W. H. Egan, commission merchant, &c. This is said to be the largest fire which has ever been in Augusta, and it is a subject of grateful congratulation, that no lives have been lost."

Connecticut Courant, Hartford, CT 16 Jul 1827