Bath, ME Fire, Jan 1894


About Half a Million Dollars' Damage by the Fire of Sunday.

BATH, Me., Jan. 29--The fire in Bath yesterday was the worst the city had ever known. The heart of the business section lies in ruins. The loss closely approaches $500,000. A defective chimney in the stable office of the Sagadahoc House started the fire, and before the blaze was discovered the wooden stable building was in flames.

When the firemen arrived at the scene, they found the hydrants empty. Another break at New-Meadows in the main had cut off the water supply of the city. Portland, Lewistown, and Brunswick were appealed to for help, and sent special trains with fire engines. Four engines were stationed at the city landing and at the railroad wharf and took water from the river, but before water could be got from them the fire had gained great headway. Fortunately there was no wind.

An attempt was made to blow up the corner block opposite the Sagadahoc House, and thus check the fire, but before arrangements could be completed the block was in flames.

The New York Times, New York, NY 30 Jan 1894