Brunswick, ME Navy Bomber Crashes, Apr 1957


Brunswick, Maine (AP) -- Six men on a routine training flight died in the flaming wreckage of their Navy bomber yesterday when the big craft crashed during a "touch and go landing."
All six were members of VP26, an antisubmarine squadron on regular training operations here.
Their giant Lockheed Neptune aircraft landed on the north end of the north-south runway, touched its wheels and was cleared for takeoff without stopping.
The ship rolled to the south end, became airborne and when several hundred feet in the air, suddenly veered to the left and crashed into a clumb of 40-foot pine trees.
The million dollar aircraft, loaded with "adequate but not full" gas tanks, exploded when it hit.
Flying debris and parts narrowly missed workmen of the Maine Construction Co. of Meriden, Conn., who were clearing the trees for a new parking apron.
The dead included two New Englanders:
Lt. (j.g.) JAMES D. HOVIS, 25, the pilot.
Ensign ROBERT J. KREUSCHER, 24, co-pilot, both of Brunswick.

Berkshire Eagle Pittsfield Massachusetts 1957-04-13