New Orleans, LA cathedral bombing, Apr 1909


St. Louis Cathedral Slightly Damaged.


Only Three Persons in Building When Explosion Occurred Escaped Unhurt, Italians' Revenge Work?

New Orleans, April 25. - The famous old St. Louis cathedral in Chartres street was shaken this afternoon by an explosion believed to have resulted from the placing of a bomb in the south tower of the building.

The explosion, heard for many blocks and creating wild excitement in that section of the city, occurred at about 2:30 o'clock, when the church was practically empty of worshippers. A priest, a woman and a child were the only occupants of the building at the time and none of them was injured.

One of the small altars in the front of the church was wrecked, handsome glass windows were broken and a quantity of plastering dislodged. The dmage amounts to about $2,000.

A riot call was at once sent into the first precinct police station and several score of detectives and policemen were hurried to the scene. A number of arrests have followed.

The police express the belief that disension among a party of Italian workmen, engaged in making certain repairs to the south tower of the church, was responsible for the explosion. It is claimed that a charge of dynamite or some other high explosive was placed where it was thought it would sent into eternity certain workmen against whom the enmity of the perpertrators existed and that a miscalculation as to the time of the explosion was made.

Had the explosion occurred two or three hours earlier when the church was thronged with worshippers, a stampede with fatal results would almost certainly have followed, it is believed.

The St. Louis cathedral is one of the most famous Catholic churches in the United States. It is beautiful in design and workmanship and one of the most spacious edifices of the mind in this section. It was built more than 100 years ago during the Spanish regime in Louisiana.

A number of suspects who were arrested after the explosion in the St. Louis cathedral this afternoon were released tonight.

Ferdinand Palma and Angelo Capulo, two Italians who it is claimjed were seen loitering near the church under suspicious circumstances, were arrested and placed in jail tonight.

The State, Columbia, SC 26 Apr 1909