Schriever, LA Fire, Jun 1904

Schriever, Louisiana A Big Fire

A fire originated last Saturday night at about 10:45, in the Schriever Hotel, and before it was extinguished the hotel, Dr. Jos. A. Pujos’s drug store and the residence and livery stable of Oscar Crosier were all demolished. Most strenuous efforts had to be exerted to keep the store of Mr. L. L. Toups and Polmer Bros. & Co’s Waubun store from being devoured by the flames. The steam engine of the Protector Fire Co. No. 2, of Thibodaux, was taken to the scene about an hour after the flame had started, but it was not possible for the engine to be of much assistance, as the fire had advanced too far. All the buildings consumed belonged to the John T. Moore Planting Co., and their loss is estimated at $4,000, with $2,400 insurance – 2000 in the C. P. Shaver agency and $400 in the agency of Coulon, Braud and Coulon. The contents of the drug store belonged to Dr. Jos. A. Pujos, whose loss foots up $2200. with $800 insurance, all in the Coulon, Braud and Coulon insurance Agency. The fixtures and furniture of the hotel were owned by Mr. Chas. Leche, who began to operate the hotel in March. All of his furniture, fixtures and stock were lost. His loss is estimated between $2500 and $3000, with $1000 insurance in the C. P. Shaver agency. Crosier lost all of his furniture and household effects. He had no insurance. He managed to save his rolling stock, such as horses, buggies, etc. He lost a couple of buggies and a calf, the latter being burned to a crisp. The origin of the fire is not known. Vigorous efforts were made to stay the progress of the fire by all persons living around Schriever. In this connection Mr. Jasmin Feitel and Mr. Nelson Himel deserve special mention as they worked like Trojans.

The Lafourche Comet, Thibodaux, LA June 9, 1904


Town Destroyed by Fire Schriever, La., Reported to Have Been Practically Wiped Out Special to The News.

New Orleans, La., June 5 – A special from Schriever, La., a small town fifty miles from New Orleans on the Southern Pacific Railway, says that practically the entire town, with the exception of two stores, was burned today. The fire, the origin of which is not known, started this morning. Without waterworks or fire department, nothing could be done to stop the flames, and all except the two business houses, together with several residences and a few suburban residences, were destroyed. The loss is estimated at about $15,000.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 7 June 1904


Flames Wipe Out Louisiana Town New Orleans, La.

June 6 – A special from Schriever, La., a small town twenty miles from New Orleans on the Southern Pacific railroad, says that the entire town, with the exception of two stores, was burned Sunday. Being without waterworks or fire department nothing could be done to stop the flames. The loss will reach several hundred thousand dollars.

The Daily Review, Decatur, IL 6 June 1904