New Orleans, LA Jayne Mansfield Dies in Auto Wreck, Jun 1967

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The roadway at the point of the smashup is a narrow stretch passing by fishing and resort camps along the edge of Lake Pontchartrain, whose shape forms New Orleans into "The Crescent City." The Mississippi border is only a few miles away.
MISS MANSFIELD gained the reputation as the "smartest dumb blonde" when she scored her first major success in "Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?"
She made sure the reputation stood up with a flair for the spectacular, a conscious but generally humorous approach to sex as an actress and a generous assortment of feminine curves.
Whether it was opening a supermarket or attending a movie premier, MISS MANSFIELD also sensed the demands of news media and good naturedly went along with most of their suggestions for pictures and stories.
Married at the age of 16 to PAUL MANSFIELD, JAYNE still managed to study drama in high school and colleges and put in some time in the Dallas little theater. One of her first beauty titles was "Miss Photoflash of 1952"
Given little notice by a movie industry preoccupied with another well proportioned blonde - Marilyn Monroe - she didn't make the grade in films in the early 1950's. But she attracted the attention of Warners Bros. Studio in 1954 when she voluntarily went to Miami, Fla., to plug a picture called "Underwater." She wasn't in the picture, but later signed a Warners' contract.
Her greatest stage fame - perhaps the high spot of her career -- came in "Rock Hunter" where the calculated dumb blonde coupled with publicity made her a major star. She appeared in the movie version of the play.
Divorced from MANSFIELD in January, 1958, the actress almost immediately married MICKEY HARGITAY, a former Mr. Universe who appeared in an act with Mae West. The good-natured 220-pound, 6-foot-3, HARGITAY and MISS MANSFIELD made a striking Hollywood couple in a pink sports car with a leopard skin interior.
The couple bought a huge mansion on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, quickly labeled the "Pink Palace."

Born JAYNE PALMER in Bryn Mawr, Pa., her family moved to Dallas, Tex., when she was six years old. She attended local grammar and high schools, then enrolled with her husband in Southern Methodist University.
She arrived in Hollywood in 1954 to study drama at the University of California in Los Angeles. Her first break in motion pictures came when she lander a part in "Hangover" an independent production.
Her other films included, "The Girl Can't Help It,""The Wayward Bus," and "Kiss Them For Me."
She recently achieved a certain notoriety by appearing nude in several sequences in "Promises, Promises."
During her rise to fame MISS MANSFIELD, who possessed a 40-22-35 figure, made ample use of her shrewd knowledge of publicity. She proved the public loves old-fashioned glamor and few publicity schemes were too wild for her.
The marital troubles of the bosomy actress provided many headlines for the fan magazines.
After a Mexican divorce HARGITARY in 1963, she married her third husband, MATT CIMBER -“ who was born THOMAS I. OTTAVIANO - in September, 1964. She filed for divorce in July of 1966 contending CIMBER had been cruel, but a final decree was never granted. She got custody of their child, ANTONIO RAPHAEL CIMBER OTTAVIANO, 20 months.
Last year her 6-year-old son, ZOLTAN HARGITAY, was attacked by a lion at a zoo in Thousand Oaks, Calif. He was given a 50-50 chance of survival when he was first hospitalized. He underwent three operations and contracted spinal meningitis. During her son's recovery, MISS MANSFIELD maintained a constant vigil at his bedside, sleeping in an adjoining room.
In her most recent court appearance, the actress was accused of committing adultery with SAM BRODY in a divorce suit filed by his wife, MRS. BEVERLY BRODY.