New Orleans, LA Jayne Mansfield Dies in Auto Wreck, Jun 1967

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Jayne Mansfield Dies In Louisiana Wreck

NEW ORLEANS (UPI) - JAYNE MANSFIELD, the current vaceous[sic] "smartest dumb blonde" of movies, was killed early today when the chauffeured convertible in which she was riding smashed into a slow-moving truck on a winding road.
The truck slowed behind an insecticide spray truck "fogging' the area for mosquitoes.
The smash-up occurred 15 miles from downtown New Orleans on a winding, narrow two-lane road, U. S. Highway 90, which approaches New Orleans from the Mississippi border and is known as a treacherous stretch of roadway in the area.
MISS MANSFIELD, her lawyer, SAM BRODY, of Los Angeles, and RONNIE HARRISON, 20, of Mississippi City, Miss., who was the chauffeur loaned MISS MANSFIELD by her host at a night club, were killed.
Her three children from her divorce-ended marriage to Hungarian muscleman MICKEY HARGITAY -- MIKLOS, 8; ZOLTAN, 6; and MARIA, 3, were slightly cut and bruised and suffered shock.
The truck driver, RICHARD RAMBEAU of Pensacola, Fla., escaped injury.

The Delta Democrat-Times Greenville Mississippi 1967-06-29


Actress JAYNE MANSFIELD Dies In N. O. Collision

NEW ORLEANS (UPI) - JAYNE MANSFIELD, the busty platinum blonde film star, was killed today when a car she was riding in whipped around a curve on a Gulf Coast highway and hit the rear of a stalled tractor-trailer truck.
Police said MISS MANSFIELD, 34; her lawyer, SAM BRODY of Los Angeles, and RONNIE HARRISON of Mississippi City, Miss., were killed in the accident 25 miles east of downtown New Orleans and five miles west of the Mississippi border.
BRUCE CUEVAS, 30, of Gulfport, Miss., a motorist, said MISS MANSFIELD was nearly decapitated.
"It looked as if she was scalped," said CUEVAS.
He said her blonde tresses lay "like a discarded wig" atop the shattered 1966 Buick's engine hood.
BRODY was sitting in the middle of the front seat and MISS MANSFIELD on the passenger's side, he said.
MISS MANSFIELD'S children of her marriage to Hungarian muscleman MICKEY HARGITAY, ZOLTAN, 6; MARIA, 3 and MIKLOS, 8, were injured and taken to Charity Hospital.

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