New Orleans, LA Area Flood, Apr 1882


NEW ORLEANS, La., April 6.—The Times-Democrat specials report:

At Franklin the water has risen an inch and a half in twenty-four hours. The water is running across the upper line of the town to Bayou Takely, and it is waist deep in Front street, Centerville, whence it is running rapidly to Bayou Sale. Freight is now landed in the second story of the warehouse at Bayou Sale Station. Last night the water rose five inches. During th past twenty-four hours the water has been backing up into Lake Fasse. Thousands of cattle crossed into St. Martins. Steamers are gathering up stock.

The mills have stopped crushing cotton seed, owing to the demand of planters.

The Times-Democrat’s Morgan City special says the situation is fast becoming desperate. The water continues to rise. The current through the streets flows at least at the rate of five miles an hour.

In many places it is difficult to find moorage for a boat. A large schooner is now anchored on of the city in a perfect torrent. Everybody that can get away is doing so.

Daily Inter Ocean, Chicago, IL 7 Apr 1882