Vinton, LA Greyhound Bus And Truck Collision, Aug 1965


Vinton, La. (AP) -- A Houston-to-New Orleans bus collided with a truck carrying heavy lumber near this southwest Louisiana town Friday night, killing 11 persons and injuring 28.
The front 10 feet of the Greyhound bus were sheared off. The impact catapulted giant timbers from the truck through the passenger sections of the bus.
"It was just awful," said W. M. PIERCE, a Houston truck driver who reached the scene moments later.
"When I arrived I saw three passengers walking around," PIERCE said. "They were covered with blood. Another passenger was hanging out of a window and apparently dead."
A deputy sheriff said some of the bodies were so mangled that identification could only be made through fingerprints.
The truck driver, HENRY C. GREGORY, 35, of Houston, was one of those killed.
The bus driver, JEFF BLANKENSHIP of Houston, was seriously injured. He spent several hours in surgery at a Beaumont, Tex., hospital. First reports that he was dead later proved erroneous.
The injured passengers were taken to hospitals in Lake Charles and Sulphur, La., and Orange, Tex. The three most seriously injured appeared to be MOTT MUSGROVE, 13, of New Orleans, whose mother was among the dead; ERNEST CAMPBELL, 45, Port Arthur, Tex.; and JUANITA VYES, 35, Birmingham, Ala.
The wreck occurred on the Old Spanish Trail -- heavily traveled U.S. 90 near the Louisiana and Texas border.
The two vehicles met in the center of the highway, state police said.
Few of the passengers -- many of whom were asleep -- had any warning. Some of them, winners in a photo-service promotion contest, anticipated a happy, expense-paid weekend in New Orleans.
"I was sitting about the middle of the bus, and it seemed like all of a sudden the bus was trying to stop," recalled WILLARD COLEMAN, 47, Lake Charles. "Somebody hollered, 'Watch out.' From that point, I don't remember too much of anything."
DANNY DANIELS, 18, of Pascagoula, Miss., was thrown from the bus. He had to be restrained by police from re-entering the wreckage in search of his brother TERRY, 12. TERRY'S body later was recovered.
One of the prize winners, C. P. BROUSSARD, Port Arthur, Tex., was among the dead.
Six other winners were among the injured.

Logansport Pharos Tribune And Press Indiana 1965-08-29


Grayhound bus accident 1965

I was that 13 year boy who was Injured and who's mother died.
My first name is not Mott but rather it's Leonard. I'm not sure how the paper got it wrong.
I am now 64 years old
I would love to meet the person who wrote this report and thank him for his service.
Please respond to my email address

Bus Wreck 1965

Hi my name is Tommy Carter me and my two cousins were passengers on that bus. One of my cousins were one of he people walking around bloody that night. I remember it like it was yesterday we often talk about it.
I was about 7 yrs old then we were on our to Lake Charles LA.I was going to spend summer vacation with my cousins. I am from Houston tx.
I would like to speak with you or any survivors from that night.I would like to thank the both of you for being the first to respond and Thank God for everybody

Bus wreck

Langston Fredericks a policeman from Orange and my self were among the first to get to the wrecks.. I did see the lady hanging out of the bus and also a lot of the deceased inside. Very very bad.......I don't remember how long it taken us to remove the people...I personally helped a state trooper with a few and also unloaded the baggage from underneath in a compartment that had diesel leaking in it.. He kept telling me to hurry before it caught fire. I was about 26 yrs old ...the worst I have ever seen.....I am 76 now and surely hope I never see anything like this again.......I had almost forgotten about it until I seen this article....I could go on and on what I seen that night....but I will stop here....