New Orleans, LA Automobile Accident, Sept 1910


Joy Ride in New Orleans at Early Morning Hour Terminates in Tragedy.

NEW ORLEANS, La., Sept. 21 -- Beneath a heavy touring car, under fifteen feet of water in the New Basin canal, near here, lie the bodies of a man and two young girls. In a city morgue are the bodies of two men and another girl, removed from the waters of the canal.
The six deaths are the result of a night of merriment and an early morning "joy ride" of a traveling salesman, two men companions and three chorus girls from "The Queen of the Moulin Rouge," now playing at the Shubert theater here.
The accident occurred at 3 o'clock this morning when the automobile, flying along the edge of the canal at a whirlwind pace, as the party returned from a West End resort, suddenly plunged into space and whirled over and over into and under the water of the canal.
The car's six occupants were pinned under the machine and drowned without as much as a fighting chance for their lives. The bodies already recovered are those of:
The body of the first young woman recovered from the canal was identified this afternoon as that of MISS MARION GIBBONS, registered at the Bush hotel here. A second of the three women drowned has been recovered and identified as MISS DAISY HAWKINS, a resident of New Orleans.
THOMAS BOETLER, of New Orleans, owner and driver of the machine.
JOHN FREEMAN, traveling representative of Lazelle, Daly & Co., a New York perfumery concern.
An unidentified Girl about twenty-two years old.
The touring car will be raised by workmen. The three bodies were recovered by divers.

Lincoln Evening News Nebraska 1910-09-24