Louisville, KY Auto And Train Crash, Nov 1943


Louisville, Ky. - (AP) - Seven persons were killed and one injured seriously in a collision between an automobile and a Louisville and Nashville passenger train at a crossing near here early Saturday.
Five of the victims - HALLIE BELL MURPHY, 29, Henry County clerk, Newcastle; SGT. WILLIAM W. SUTER, 36, Campbellsburg, home on furlough; CHARLES A. SUTER, 34, Newcastle funeral director and brother of William; MRS. LENA SUTER, 30, wife of Charles; and VERNON RASDELL, JR., 32, owner of a general store in Campbellsburg - all were killed instantly.
EDITH RASDELL, 38, Campbellsburg, teacher, cousin of Vernon Ransdell; and MRS. THELMA SPILLMAN, 32, Campbellsburg, whose husband William is in the Navy, died soon after arrival at a hospital here.
MRS. SARAH STOUT LEE, 26, Newcastle, wife of Lieut. (jg) Henry Lee, was in Mary and Elizabeth Hospital here after suffering from a broken leg, internal injuries and a fractured skull. Her physician said she had a "good chance" to recover.
The seven were returning from a dinner party given for Sergeant Suter at an inn near Middletown.
County police said the driver apparently saw he could not stop and could not beat the Deisel-engined train and attempted to drive the car between the tracks and a fence along the right-of-way, but the car was swung back into the path of the train. It was not determined who was driving.
Engineer W. E. Simpson, Louisville, told officers the train was traveling at about 50 miles an hour, which he called a normal rate of speed.

Kingsport Times Tennessee 1943-11-21