Mayville, KY Boiler Lighting Accident, Mar 1937

Ralph Calvert, 27, Burned About Face in Attempting To Light Boiler at Plant

[Special to the Herald]

MAYVILLE, Ky., March 31. -- Ralph Calvert, 27, of Forest avenue, employee of the French-Bros Bauer Company, was burned about the face and right hand this morning at 5 o'clock at the company's headquarters on East Third Street.

Calvert, upon arrival at work, lighted the gas boiler and as he struck the match to put to the burner the gas and flames flashed from the boiler and struck him in the face and on the right hand.

He was removed to Hayswood hospital.  It is believed that the gas had accumulated in the boiler or one of the burners had not been closed completely, causing the gas and flames to burst out as the match was applied.

Lexington Herald, Lexington, KY 1 Apr 1937