Paris, KY Drowning, May 1919


Mrs. Charles Owens, Accidently Drowned When Bank Caved, Former Bourbon Woman.


PARIS, KY., May 12.—The body of Mrs. Charles Owens of Taylorsville, Spencer county, who was drowned Sunday in Salt river was brought to Paris Monday and was buried in the Paris cemetery at 1:30 o’clock. Funeral services were conducted at the grave by the Rev. W. E. Ellis. Pallbearers were E. B. January, W. G. McClintock, George Batterton, John Chislom, Pearce Patton and John Brophy.

Mrs. Owens and her husband formerly lived on the Brophy farm near Paris and moved with Mrs. Owens father, Noah Gray, to Taylorsville in March. Mrs. Owens and her husband went to the river to see the rising waters when the embankment gave way, precipitating Mrs. Owens into the river.

Mr. Owens, although he could not swim, went to the rescue of his wife. He seized a long stick and handed it to his wife who caught hold but the stick broke. For the second time she took hold, the stick broke and Mrs. Owens sank beneath the waters to rise no more. The body was recovered with little difficulty.

Lexington Herald, Lexington, KY 13 May 1919