Uniontown, KY Children Rescued from Utility Room Blaze, Jul 1972

Courier Journal newspaper - Louisville, KY - Wednesday 26 July 1972

Three killed
Man tells of rescue of children
Uniontown, KY

A Uniontown man who rescued a child from a fire that killed three of her playmates said it was just a chance that his own children weren't caught in the flames.

Harold Right, 36, said his children would often play with those who were killed in the blaze and that the utility building was also used as a playhouse by the children.

Right, whose house is about 200 feet behind the building where flames erupted Monday evening, said his children came running into the house saying the neighbor's building was on fire.

Right said he saw fire and smoke pouring out of the eves of a small metal utility building back of his neighbor's house trailer.

A volunteer fireman, Right said he jumped the fence to their property and broke the front door open.

"When I opened the door the blaze hit me in the face," Right said, "I knew the kids were in there - I could hear them screaming".

"I got a hose and knocked the flames down, and then we pulled the kids out."

Right said two of the children were still alive when he and another neighbor, Leonard Hicks, got them out. One of the children died shortly afterward. The fourth child was taken to a hospital in Cincinnati for treatment of burns over 65 per cent of her body.

The victims were Patrick Michael TERRY, 4, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Milton Terry, and Tobatha HOSCH, 4, and her brother, Keith HOSCH, 6, the children of Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hosch. Sandra Key Terry. 6, was reported in critical condition last night at the Shriners Burns Institute in Cincinnati.

Mrs. Hosch is Mrs. Terry's sister. The Hosches were staying with the Terrys in Uniontown.

Right said the children's parents came running out of the Terry home when they heard the noise of the door being broken down. Right said Mrs. Terry leaped into the flames to rescue her children and he had to hold her back.

Police said the cause of the fire is not yet known.

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