Calvert City, KY Freight Train Wreck, Oct 1903

The damage will amount to a great deal to the road, many thousands of dollars being lost in the wreckage. The engines are reported to be total losses and over a dozen cars with contents were destroyed.
Later today it was learned that C. L. HUTON is the name of the unknown fireman who was learning the road last night when caught in the wreckage, and his home is in Cumberland Furnace, Tenn.
The remains of either the engineer or fireman, this the trainmen being unable to state positively were recovered this morning shortly after nine o'clock by the wrecking crew. A portion of the lower limbs and body were recovered but are burned so badly there is nothing that might lead to identification. The legs were taken from under the wreckage near the engine.
The wrecking crew is laboring hard to repair the trestle and was making good headway at last reports. The noon train No. 102 was annuled and did not arrive here, being sent around via McKenzie over the L. & N. as were the trains last night. It is not known how soon the road will be in operation but it is thought the trains will be enable to run through by night.
DULANEY had been here a few days only, having come from Minnesota, and boarded at the Bailey house on West Broadway. He has a young wife here and had been an engineer a short time only, having been examined last week and passed. Last night was his second run out.
It is reported that a fireman named BEALER was the regular fireman on the engine but the railroad callers say they called EDEN, who was DULANEY'S regular fireman.
Later reports from the wreck show that when the collision was seen to be inevitable Engineer DULANEY called for brakes and remained at his post while his fireman, EDEN, jumped as also did Engineer SCARBROUGH and Fireman HODGES of the 151. HODGES was bruised and EDEN injured about the head in alighting. HUTTON the fireman leaning the road, was caught and could not escape. His watch was found in the wreckage and had stopped at 1:20 o'clock. Flagman GARFIELD FROGGE running extra, was injured in the shoulder and ankle but not seriously.
The damage is estimated at $30,000 and it will require over 26 hours to clear the wreckage.

The Paducah Sun Kentucky 1903-10-08