Scott City, KS Train Wreck, June 1890


Scott City, Kan., June 10. -- About 1:30 o'clock yesterday morning, as the Denver Missouri Pacific passenger train stopped at the tank for water, an engine and caboose came thundering along at a rate of about fifteen miles per hour and ran into the rear of the passenger train, ruining the engine and one coach, severely injuring a number of persons and killing a six year old boy, the son of JOHN MOORE, of this county. The mother and a younger child were badly scalded, while the older boy was literally roasted alive by the escaping steam and lived but a short time.
EDWARD BLEIL, a Denver jockey en route to Kansas City, is lying in a precarious condition and receiving the care of physicians. A brakeman on the freight is considerably bruised, while a passenger brakeman was so badly injured that he was placed on the west-bound passenger and taken to the Pueblo hospital.

Chillicothe Constitution Missouri 1890-06-11