Monmouth, KS Train Wreck, Sept 1895


Details of the Disaster of Saturday - 25 People Were Injured.

Cherokee, Kan., Sept. 8 - There were 25 people hurt in the wreck of the Kansas City, Fort Scott and Memphis passenger train near Monmouth yesterday afternoon. As the train neared the bridge over Indian creek, a mile west of Monmouth, an axle on the rear coach broke and when the train had reached the bridge the baggage car tipped and crashed into the side timbers of the bridge. The structure gave way and the entire bridge pitched into the creek, 20 feet below. The stream had been swollen by the recent heavy rains. The baggage car fell first and the front coach fell partially over it, thus preventing the passengers from being drowned. After the train had fallen over the people slightly hurt broke open the windows in the side of the car uppermost and so extricated themselves. They then pulled out the women and wounded men.

Among those seriously hurt are: Brakeman MORRIS, Cherryvale, Kan., who was in the smoking car, recovery doubtful; J. W. BRAY, Parsons, Kan., cut about head; MRS. OLIVER, Pittsburg, Kan., condition critical; unknown miner from Webb City, Mo., arm fractured; JAMES GRAYSON, Pittsburg, Kan., two ribs broken; J. F. CRANDALL, superintendent Kansas and Texas coal company; MRS. HARPER, Parsons, Kan.; MRS. N. MORSE, Webb City, Mo.; MRS. E. STOWORTH, Webb City, Mo.; MRS. BETSFORD and child, Cherryvale, Kan.; PATRICK HARMON, engineer; GEORGE EMERSON, conductor; ROBERT BLACKMAN.

Syracuse Daily Standard New York 1895-09-09



Breaking of an Axle Caused a Serious Accident Near Monmouth, I. T.

CHEROKEE, I. T., Sept. 9 - Further particulars of the wreck Saturday night of the westbound passenger train on the Cherokee branch of the Memphis railroad have been obtained. Twenty persons were more or less hurt. The wreck occurred at Lightning creek, about a mile west of Monmouth and was caused by the breaking of an axle on the rear coach. The break down occurred at a point 400 feet from the bridge. The car broke loose from the train after being dragged 200 feet and rolled over into the ditch, which filled with backwater from the creek. The accident caused the other cars to pitch and rock so badly that when the bridge was reached the baggage car struck the side timbers of the bridge and caused the whole structure to give way, thus precipitating all the other cars into the stream below, which is swollen from recent rains. The front coach followed the baggage car into the stream and rested partly upon the baggage car, which kept it from sinking into the water. The smoking car turned completely over and is now lying bottom up in the creek.

The passengers who had been slightly hurt broke in the windows and pulled the women and wounded men out. The wounded were taken to Fort Scott on a special train sent to the scene of the wreck. Three who were able to be moved have been sent to their homes. Among those most seriously injured are:
MRS. E. STEWART, McCune, arm lacerated.
MISS MOORE, Webb City, Mo., head bruised.
MRS. A. R. HARPER, Monmouth, shoulder lacerated and arm cut.
JOHN GREGG, McCune, shoulder dislocated.
REV. L. L. BRAMHILL, McCune, badly bruised and nearly drowned.
LIZZIE BRADLEY, Cherokee, hip dislocated.
HENRY P. FORD, Pittsburg, Kan., arm broken.
MRS. REYNOLDS, Cherokee, internal injuries.
MISS EVA BAIRD, Deland, Fla., internal injuries.
JERRY BOTKINS, Cherokee, jaw dislocated.
W. F. HORNER, Kansas City, arm broken.

Fully a dozen others were painfully scratched and bruised. The cars and bridge are completely wrecked.

The Evening News Lincoln Nebraska 1895-09-09