Dellvale, KS Train Hits Washout, Sept 1910

Dellvale, KS Train Wreck, photo from Dellvale, KS Train Wreck, photo from Dellvale, KS Train Wreck, photo from


Phillipsburg, Kas., Sept. 24. -- As a result of a heavy rain west of here, the Rock Island track was washed out near Dellvale and about midnight train No. 27, westbound, struck the bad piece of track while going at full speed. From reports received here five passengers and Engineer PICKENBAUGH and his fireman were killed, as also was Conductor J. W. USHER, who was deadheading to Goodland to meet his wife.

Five cars went into the ditch and many passengers were injured, some dangerously. A wrecking train was sent from this division at 3 o'clock.
The train conductor lived at Denver, while the engineer and fireman lived at Goodland. All were married and leave families. Four of the dead washed a mile from the scene of the wreck.

Chillicothe Constitution Missouri 1910-09-24


DellVale train wreck

I found a postcard picture of the wrecked engine among other family pictures. I am glad to know about what happened on that day. Couldn't find DellVale on the Kansas map today. So I am glad to know where it is located.

Train wreck

Hi Lynn
I am always interested in learning more about any of the disasters I post . Please feel free to email any info or photos you may have and I will add them to the articles

Dellvale, KS Train Wreck, 1910

I have come across some pictures of my grandfather's concerning this incident, and his story on the back of the photos concerning it. Are you interested in finding out more?

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