Ottawa, KS Area Train Wreck, Jan 1912

Three Die in Double Wreck.

Ottawa Kan Jan 15 - A freight train on the Missouri Pacific railway crashed through a trestle twenty miles west of here at 11:30 o'clock Sunday night. Ten minutes later another freight train plunged through the same trestle. The wreckage caught fire.

Three persons are known to be dead. They are Engineer PACKEE, of the first train, Engineer SNYDER, of the second train and LOUIS BLAINE [sic - see note] a stockman of Bushing [sic] Kan.

The Daily Review, Decatur, IL 15 Jan 1912

Note: It was Roy Houck from Bushong, Kansas that was killed and not Louis Blaine.


Ottawa, KS Area Train Wreck, Jan. 1912

It was Roy Houck from Bushong that was killed in this wreck. The article stated that Louis Blaine from Bushing that was killed. Roy was my grandfather.

Joanne Houck Devin