Leon, KS Train Wreck, Sept 1889

Wreck on the Frisco.

WICHITA, Kan., September 18. --- The east bound St. Louis and San Francisco train was wrecked near Leon, Butler County, at an early hour this morning. From ISAAC DEAN, a wounded passenger, who was brought back here for treatment, it is learned that the accident was caused by a switch being jerked open by the jarring of the passing train. The engine and two cars passed the switch, as did the front wheels of the following car, in which where MR. DEAN and about twenty other passengers, but the rear trucks tried to run down the switch, and the next instant there was a crash, and the two end coaches were dashed down an embankment and broken into kindling. When MR. DEAN recovered consciousness he was lying clear of the wreck, having been flung through the side or top of the coach, and near him were several other passengers more or less disabled. In all about a dozen received bodily injury, several being hurt internally. News was received this evening that MRS. CHARLES MITCHELL, of Fort Smith, Ark., was dying at Beaumont, where the wounded were taken, but the officials of the road deny any serious injury to anyone.

The Rolla New Era Missouri 1889-09-21