Monmouth, KS Train Wreck, Sept 1895

Bad railway wreck.

Cherokee, Kans., Sept. 8. --- Particulars of the wreck last night of the westbound train on the Cherokee branch of the Memphis road were obtained today. Twenty persons were more or less hurt.

The wreck occurred at Ligetning [sic] Creek, about a mile west of Monmouth, and was caused by the breaking of an axle on the rear coach. The break down occurred at a point 400 feet from the bridge. The car broke loose from the train, after being dragged 200 feet, and rolled over into the ditch, which was filled with backwater from the creek. The accident caused the cars to pitch and rock so badly that when the bridge was reached, the baggage car struck the side of the timbers and caused the whole structure to give way, thus precipitating all the other cars into the stream below, which is swollen from recent rains. The front coach followed the baggage into the stream and rested partly on the baggage car, which kept it from sinking into the water. The smoking car turned completely over, and is now lying at the bottom of the creek. The passengers who had been slightly hurt, broke in the windows and pulled the women and wounded men out. The wounded were taken to Fort Scott, on a signal train. Those who have been able to be moved have been sent to their homes.

Daily Enquirer Utah 1895-09-09




Every Person On Board Hurt, Some Seriously, but No Deaths Have Occurred – Accident Caused by the Breaking of a Journal.

Fort Scott, Kan., Special: There were thirty-four persons on the Kansas City, Fort Scott & Memphis passenger train that went through a bridge into a flooded stream near Monmouth Saturday night. Miraculously no one was killed outright, but none escaped injury, and some are probably fatally injured. The most seriously injured are:
MRS. LONGSFORD, Weir City; injured internally.
ROBERT B. COOKE, Cherryvale; back and leg sprained.
ED. ROGERS, Atchison, Kan.; cut on head and arms.
JOHN GASS, McCune, Kan.; cut on forehead.
FERRY BOTHIN, ex-Populist candidate for congress; bruised leg and arm.
W. F. HAMMER, traveling for Goodrich & Steel, Kansas City; right arm broken.
W. M. PARKS, postal clerk, Cherryvale; arm lacerated.
C. O. COOKE, McCune; scalp wound, and arm cut.
HENRY BELFORD, Pittsburg, Kan.; arm wrenched.
MRS. REYNOLDS, Cherryvale; internal injuries.
MRS. BELSFORD and daughter, Cherryvale; lacerated cheeks and bodies bruised.
M. L. B. VAY, Parsons; wrenched legs.
MRS. STEWART, McCune; arm broken and shoulder dislocated.
R. S. MOORE, Webb City; body bruised and probably internally injured.
A. R. HARPER, Monmouth, Kan.; shoulder bruised.
JOHN CREGG, McCune, Kan.; head cut.
REV. L. B. BRAMHAL, McCune; severely bruised and almost drowned.
MISS LIZZIE BRADLEY, Cherokee; hip dislocated and arm lacerated.
MISS LETTA GREEN, Coffeville; head and chest lacerated.
A. R. WALKER, Monmouth; shoulder and back injured.
MRS. BURNS, Monmouth; ankle and shoulder injured, and scalp wounds.
WILL PETTIS, Cherokee; face and hands lacerated.
C. O. EVERIS, express messenger, Cherryvale; head bruised.
GEORGE EMERSON, conductor; head and leg cut.

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